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Simpler is better. Our products are built on a scalable cloud-based OCR / analytics engine so you can upgrade your enterprise to track radiation dose and analytics in the most cost-effective manner. Streamline exam workflow , get immediate radiation dose feedback from our network and more. Add our DICOM/RIS listener for a more custom semi-automated custom solution. Get in touch with us today.

Enterprise Cloud  New!

The industry's first-and-only fully automated cloud-based CT radiation dose and Analytics solution. No hardware , IT overheard or PACs load. Manage CT scanners, track complex analytics, cumulative radiation dose and more. Print custom radiation dose cards / sheets via the tech console. Contact us.

Dose-Entry Console

Try the industry's only web-based radiation dose tracking, analytics and patient communication portal that works right out of the box. Cumulative radiation dose tracking, real-time analytics, patient printouts and more. A simple web-portal to get started. Try it now.

Angio Console

First of it's kind tech-driven patient centered solution for tracking radiation dose from modern angiography including both vascular, cardiac and non-vascular procedures. Complex analytics, trends plus patient printouts. Cumulative patient radiation dose accross CT / Angio modalities. Try it now.

Scannerside Print

Already have a radiation dose platform implemented ? Show your patients that you track radiation dose ! Improve your service by adding the ability to print customized patient radiation dose printouts (Cards & Sheets) after every exam.Contact us.

Why Scannerside ?

Patients demand radiation dose monitoring and modern radiology requires real-time analytics. At Scannerside we upgrade your enterprise while eliminating the technical challenges / costs. Scannerside was built by Radiologists to be the most simple to setup, flexible and cost-effective platform. Try it today. Here are some other benefits:

Patient-centered: Patient printouts (Cards & Sheets) build your brand and generate satisfied loyal clients

Flexible: Cloud-based means it works across vendors. Zero extra IT overhead.

Networked: Get immediate feedback and compare radiation radiation dose information from our network to optimize radiation dose.

Tech-focused: Scannerside is a 'techs best friend' and is built to streamline workflow, drop radiation dose and improve protocols.

Cost-effective: Our products are simple to implement, grow your brand and cost-effective.

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